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About Us

Boober Tours is a pedicab and mobile advertising service that specializes in human powered transportation and bicycle taxi shuttle services for weddings, University of Michigan football games, corporate events, festivals, and fun, unforgettable rides across town.

It also offers second-chance jobs.

“I want to inspire people,” says Boober Tours founder, Kevin Spangler. He aims to create economic opportunity for those whom society — and many of its employers — has all but closed its doors on.


How much is a ride?

Our fares range from $20 for a short ride with 1 or 2 passengers to $100+ for a longer ride or many passengers, plus gratuity, depending on how many passengers, the distance, and other factors. Want a quote or want to book a ride now? Just chat with us and we'll pick you up or provide a quote.

Why should I advertise with you?

When advertising on our pedicabs, you can hyper-localize your reach by targeting the neighborhood and clients you want to attract. Contact us using the chat button to learn more.

Are you available for my event, and how much do you charge?

Our calendar is changing daily so please reach out for up-to-date availability and rates using the chat button.

Just send us the date, location, and what type of service you're looking for, and we'll respond ASAP.


Serving: Ann Arbor,


Text Us sms:+17349994799

Email: k.spangler1234@gmail.com

Site: BooberTours.com

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